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Thank You

I just read the letter from Richard Altabe which you have posted on your site regarding Yeshiva girls. I am a baalas teshuva and was exposed to "both sides" of the high school world. It is disheartening for someone who is trying to break her way into the world of Torah to be surrounded by girls who are eager to be immersed into the behaviors of secular society. It had a detrimental effect on my religious growth because I never saw that it could be "cool" to observe some mitzvos which pertain greatly to teenagers. No one ever exemplified this yiras shamayim, therefore I was unable to develop religously regarding those issues until I went away to college and got away from my community. It is so important that girls know their inner worth and that they be brought back on the derech hayashara. G-d willing these problems will no longer face girls and Yeshivas will no longer have to deal with this major issue. Thank you again for posting his letter.