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"i Am Saddened" Contd

While I feel sorry for the parents and grandparents who are run ragged by inconsiderate offspring, I cannot help but feel that most of these people go through life without consideration for their elders or anyone else, because that is the way they were trained.
At one time, parents worked hard so that their children would have a better, easier time of it. But the children too, often were expected to contribute to the quality of family life. They had chores, perhaps they even helped out in the business. They were expected to respect their elders. If aunts and uncles came to visit, I was expected to be there to greet them, to be present at dinner. Then I could usually go off and see friends, unless my mother thought she would need me for a last minute errand.
Now, everything is centered around the children. So when they grow up, parents are surprised that they`re self-centered? I am sure parents thought they were doing something good, giving the children more free time, less burdens than they had, those responsibilities that past generations had were teaching opportunities. You won`t find those on facebook.