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It had been a pleasure to attend to your lecture on Tishav B`Av when you talk about our tears for the destruction of the Holly Temple in Jerusalem. Since that day i had attended to your lectures in NY city culminating with having a personal meeting with you and relating to you my final goal to move and live in Israel.
I came to see you several times and the last time we saw each other was on October before Rosh Chodesh Chesvan 2008. That Rosh Chodesh Chesvan 2008 my son Shlomo Avraham and I did Aliyah to the Holly Land of Israel, where we are living in the Shonrom, in the city of Ariel. Thanks for your care and blessings my son attend to Karney Shonroom Yeshiva where he recieved Ulpan along with his Hebrew studies in Talmud, Nasi, and Hebrew along with Math, Science and English. Attending your lectures gave strength, courage and faith in your teachings. It inspires me to continue being an Orthodox Jewish woman and a help to others Bale Shuvah.
I also attend Ulpan here in Ariel, where we learn conversational Hebrew, we have also organized an English Speaking Olah Parshah class for woman, that is expanding greatly.
I`m so please to have you in my life
"My Rebbetzin". I also want to remind you my submittion of "Dry Tears" " My Rebetzing Where Are You" Poems that i composed to you. Which had done a great impact to others in my community in Israel. I hope we keep in contact, and i would always have you in my heart and mind, My Rebbetzin Jungries. Love, Prosperity and Shalom from Yocheved/known as Luz Vega,from Ariel, Israel.